Date ” Caramel” apples

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There really aren’t many things better than a caramel apple. It’s a combo of sweet, tart and depending on the toppings crunchy, salty, all that.  They are really fun to make and are really good for you. Also these are a really good alternative for people that find candy or caramel apples too hard on their teeth.

Date caramel apples

2c date paste

3 Granny Smith apples, halved

1tb vanilla extract

Toppings (all optional)

1/2c hemp seeds

1/2c golden flax seeds

1/2c sunflower seeds

1/2c cocoa powder

1/2c coconut flakes

1/2c grated carrot

Whip date paste in food processor till smooth add vanilla extract.

Using a offset spatula, smooth date paste around the skin of the Apple.

Roll in toppings of your choice. Refrigerate.

The toppings are all optional. You could go roll them in literally anything that will stick. I didn’t use any nuts here but if we had them on hand that would have probably been my top choice. I actually rolled the bottom of one in shredded carrots so there are NO limits.

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