Porkchops and Brown gravy

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Okay so for my porkchop recipe I keep it crazy simple. At least in my opinion. For my porkchops I like a hard seer off the cast iron. Then u build around it. I only initially season with salt and pepper for a couple different reasons actually

1. I’m putting this meat in a screaming hot pan just to seer it not cook it so I don’t want to burn other spices like dried herbs, garlic especially. So you might think your adding more flavor to the dish you’re actually detracting

2. Its all about the gravy. So back to the first point if you burn all those spices at the base of your pan your gravy is done. DONE. You cannot balance bitter and burnt flavors. We know it there,  you know its there lets all stop pretending .

I really like to bring this recipe home with a crazy flavorful gravy. That’s where I like to add the practically melted onions, garlic , and herbs and spices to the dish and simmer that into the meat to get a tender porkchop in delicious gravy.


4-6 medium bone in Pork Chops ( can sub for boneless)

Salt and pepper

Flour 1/3cup

3tb vegetable oil

1 green bell pepper

1 yellow onion

4 cloves of garlic

1Tb Browning seasoning

1tsp Garlic powder

4.5c Vegetable stock


Preheat your pan

let your porkchops get to room temp (about 30 minutes)

Season generously with salt and pepper on both sides.

Sear till it has a nice golden brown color, set to the side make sure you also never overcrowd the pan and make sure your porkchops aren’t touching when they cook. So that they all get direct contact with the pan.

Remove porkchops, add in bell pepper and onions cook for 5 minutes til just so they are starting cook.

Coat onions and bell pepper with flour add in your vegetable stocks.

bring to a boil. Stir gravy.

Add porkchops back into gravy reduce to simmer .

Simmer for 30-45 minutes.

Serve with rice or mash potatoes for best results.

Common issues with your gravy, its too thick. You added too much flour then when you add too much flour you have to thin it with stock .

You gravy is salty that mean you used vegetable stock with all the sodium (nothing is wrong with that) BUT you resalted before tasting . save the salt till the end if your habitual over-seasoner.

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