Bacon and Blue Cheese Roasted Green Beans

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So this is a easy side I made for my mom for a holiday party. The idea was to stand out.  Ya know, it one of those things where what you want to take is already taken by someone else that’s going to be a obvious hit especially if its generally your “signature” dish. From grocery shopping to even picking a holiday outfit these type of things can be a lot of work. You don’t want to spend time and energy on a dish just to bring it throw it on the potluck table and that’s it.   You should be proud of it. Personally it warms me to know others enjoy my food. Also whatever your dish is can bring new experiences to peoples lives and they may like something they never thought they would. That’s where this dish comes in its STANDS OUT.  Its a heavy hitter in the flavor department its sure to stand out and get people talking in a good way. Give it a try. You should always have something for everyone.

Bacon blue cheese green beans
1lb chopped bacon
4oz blue cheese crumbles
1/2 red onion thinly sliced
1 leek chopped
3oz small red potatoes
2.3lb fresh green beans
4oz cherry tomatoes
2oz red wine vinegar

Quarter potatoes coat with olive oil salt and pepper toss together put on baking rake at 400 for 25 minutes till for tender

Coat green beans in olive oil salt and pepper in two batches sear in hot pan cover and steak for 3 minutes repeat with second batch

Add butter in pan sautéed leeks season with salt and pepper then set to the side
Crisp bacon pieces set to drain on a paper towel

Add green beans, bacon, potatoes, cherry tomatoes, and leeks toss together season with salt and pepper , blue cheese and red wine vinegar

Serve either warm or room temperature

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