Bulgogi Rice bowl

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Any kind of takeout is really fun. Its always a treat! I think the fun part really though is all the little containers. Each containing something delicious like a little fun surprise. Asian cuisine can be really intimidating for some. In the beginning it was for me too. But cooking it more was the only thing to help. When you eat out generally you have a ton of options which can either lead to you spending a ton or playing it safe with the dish you know you’ll definitely like. Which leads little to no room for new experiences. When I make takeout at home I buy really good marinades because lets face it some marinades can have 30 plus ingredients not including all the fresh veggies to add and if you want make three or four items it just becomes impossible which will lead you to just ordering takeout from your favorite place getting the same thing you always get which is now just becoming a vicious cycle.

So I’m here to help you break the cycle. This is one of my personal faves. Bulgogi rice bowl.


1 Flat iron steak (approx. 1lb)

30oz bulgogi marinade (I use sempio brand bulgogi sauce marinade, any will do)

2 green onions chopped

1 red bell pepper, sliced thin

4 baby Portobello mushrooms sliced

1 medium bok choy sliced

1 stalk celery sliced

1 egg per serving

3Tb Soy sauce

Sriracha mayo (optional)

Sriracha (optional)

1 c jasmine rice

3 c water


The day before cut Flat Iron Steak into thin strips and seasoning with salt and pepper generously coating meat add bulgogi sauce all into a Ziploc bag.

Next day remove meat from fridge not letting sit out 30 minutes prior to use.

Making the rice take 3 cups of water bring to boil add in rice reduce to simmer let simmer for 15 minutes ( But really use the directions off of your rice bag for best results)

In a hot  wok or cast iron pan seer all veggies together for 4 minutes keeping the veggies crunchy seasoning with salt and pepper and 3Tb soy sauce set to the side

In same pan coat with oil and seer meat for 5 minutes add in marinade from bag

Make egg anyway you the one in the photo is fried in butter for a few minutes on both side till cooked and seasoned with salt and pepper.

In a bowl layer starting with rice, meat then veggies.

Topping with sriracha mayo, sriracha and green onions

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