Pork Tenderloin w/ Cranberry sauce

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This pork tenderloin was a surprise double feature. When I went to the store I looked through the pork tenderloin looking for something a little more narrow rather than a giant slab. So I grab this pack take it home brine it ,take It out the next day and it’s actually two perfectly narrow pork tenderloins. I couldn’t have been happier! Although both brined, because I didn’t realize it was two till it separated the next day I figured I could do two different things with both.


1 or two pork tenderloin
1/2c water
1c Red wine
1/4c salt
1tsp sage
4Tb brown sugar
1Tb garlic

Dry rub
2Tb cracked black pepper
2Tb rosemary
2Tb garlic powder
2Tb herbs de provence
1tsp salt

Cranberry sauce
1c cranberries
½ c vegetable stock
1tb garlic
2Tb Pork drippings
1oz whiskey


Brine: In a saucepan bring water, salt, sage, garlic, sugar and pepper to boil stir till salt and sugar dissolve

let cool, add in red wine. put in Ziploc with pork and let sit overnight.

Pork: Remove pork from plastic bag and pat dry

Coat with dry rub

roast at 400 for 40 minutes

let rest for ten minutes thinly slice and top with cranberry sauce

cranberry sauce:

Take pan drippings add in garlic and cranberries

add in whiskey and vegetable stock

season with salt and pepper

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