Spinach-Pepperoncini Turkey Club Sandwich

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Turkey club… classic!
My goal for this recipe was to do a turkey club with a spinach artichoke spread … woulda been great right ? Well I went to the store and came home fully expecting to have artichoke hearts in the pantry already and didn’t so a quick thought and figure hey maybe pepperoncini?
I started this recipe excited then progressed to only have hope. Well that hope paid off because the spinach pepperoncini was way better and more flavorful than the classic spinach artichoke. It’s definitely a keeper. I so hope you enjoy it as much as I did I mean turkey, bacon and swiss how can that ever go wrong?


  • pepperoncini dip
  • 1lb smoked turkey breast thinly sliced
  • mayonnaise
  • red onion,sliced
  • spring mix
  • tomatoes,sliced
  • texas toast or thick sliced bread


  • Toast bread
  • Spread one side with pepperoncini spread and the other with mayo
  • layer with turkey, bacon, red onion, spring mix, and tomatoes.
  • cut in half and enjoy!

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