Blistered Shishito Peppers w/ Cotija Cheese

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Well this one is fun if you can handle the heat. So this recipe worked out perfect for the first date picnic I made for my brother. My thought was ” fun with food” so that things could give them their own talking points and keep a discussion going.

I chose shishito peppers because they are on the unpredictable side. 1 in 10 go from mild heat to rather fiery. Its just the luck of the draw.

Have fun with these. Don’t take it too seriously and enjoy them! This recipe is crazy simple just 5 ingredients and you’re on your way to a quick and delicious side dish!


  • 14 shishito peppers
  • 1 Tb olive oil
  • 2Tb cotija cheese
  • Salt
  • 1 lime


  • In a skillet heat pan to medium heat.
  • Add in olive oil and sear for 5 minutes till peppers get brighter in color and start to blister and soften.
  • Squeeze lime onto peppers and toss with salt and cotija.
  • Serve hot or room temperature and enjoy!

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